2nd Annual Conference of the Western Balkans Migration Network “Migration in the Western Balkans: What do we know?”

International Burch University Sarajevo, Bosnia And Herzegowina

I will be in Sarajevo to present the paper "Refugees and forced migrants in the Western Balkans: Civic response to the refugee crisis in the Yugoslav successor states" in the framework of the Second Annual Conference of the Western Balkans Migration Network hosted at the International Burch University of Sarajevo, in collaboration with the Central […]

IPSA colloquium: Democratization and Constitutional Design in Divided Societies

University of Cyprus , Nicosia Campus , Cyprus

I will present my paper "Mobilizing beyond ethnicity in divided societies: the case of social mobilizations in Bosnia Herzegovina" in the panel entitled "Non-Ethnic Political Identity and Mobilisation in Power-Sharing Frameworks" in the framework of the 2017 IPSA colloquium hosted at the University of Cyprus, Nicosia Campus

Guest lecture: Mobilizing at the Periphery of Europe: Social Movements in the Western Balkans

Trento Università di Sociologia, via Verdi, 26,aula 15, II piano 17 Aprile 2019 16:00 - 17 Aprile 2019 18:00  Organizza: Centro Europeo di Eccellenza Jean Monnet  Categoria: Seminario Incontro nell’ambito della progetto EUWeBER "The European Union and the Western Balkans: Enlargement and Resilience", promosso dal Centro di eccellenza Jean Monnet dell’Università di Trento in collaborazione […]